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Entertainment Marketing

Entertainment Marketing

We leverage the four platforms of radio –  AM/FM, Satellite, Streaming and Podcasts – to deliver the results you define as “success.” With a 100% focus on radio advertising, we aren’t distracted by other marketing channels. Our singular passion for radio is what sets us apart, and why businesses turn to us when they want to be heard.

How fast do you want to grow?

How much success can you handle? Tell us about your goals and your challenges. We’ll create a radio campaign to help you get there, monitor its performance and scale at a pace you’re comfortable with.


10XMS has become the leading authority on radio advertising thanks our ability to learn, evolve and stay on the cutting-edge of innovation in radio for the past 10 years. We maintain this commitment to evolution because it means applying our knowledge and expertise to our clients’ campaigns. Whether you’re looking for a classic series of radio spots, innovative podcast or satellite radio advertising, efficient media planning or placement, we have everything you need under one roof. Our team of creative and media specialists offer a comprehensive radio advertising experience, from development and conception of your ads to campaign execution and management.

Our specialized radio marketing services include:

  • Creative Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Radio Stations engagement
  • Media Buy
  • Support to advertising agencies, representatives and buyers
  • Direct Response Marketing
  • Branding & Communication
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